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Balloon Sculptures

  •  Balloon sculptures are normally book by the hour.  Check for value pricing!
  • Great option when you have large events like street festivals, kids' activity areas, church carnivals, company picnics, etc. 

 Please, call or text (309) 292-2778 for pricing. 


Children's Magic Birthday Day Event

  • Gold Package: A 30- to 40-minute magic show with deluxe balloons designs for each child and extra goodies for the birthday child!
  • Silver Package: A 30- to 40-minute magic show and simple balloons designs for every child. 
  • Bronze Package: Don't have time for both? You pick one or the other -- balloons or a 30- to 40-minute magic show.

Standard package prices are set for up to 20 kids.
Please, call  or text (309) 292-2778 for pricing. 


Walk-around Magic

  • Walk-around Magic is booked by the hour. Discounts after  the first 2 hours.
  • Good for any number of guests.
  • Great for all ages!
  • Suitable for events with lots of traffic and variable arrivals and departures.
  • Great for a cocktail hour when your guests want to socialize as well as be entertained!


 Please, call or text  (309) 292-2778 for pricing. 

Unsure of what would be right for your event?

If you're still unsure of what your event needs, let us help. 

We'll use our experience to help you make the best decision for your entertainment needs.

 Please, call or text (309) 292-2778 for a free event consultation. 


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